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Balance & Relations Between SM & PPM Tools in System Integrator firms (=real IT ERP)

Hi all professionals,
I have a question: Could you create a solution depend on questions (item 4) on HP SM & HP PPM in high level ?
PS: It’s not a commercial proposal, it’s just a brainstorming.

1.Company: XYZ
There is a system integrator company. This company  provides all range of IT with consultancy, solution, outsourcing etc to their customers. These services are Data Center Management, Application Management, System Management, Business Process Solutions, Business Application Development, Networking , Desktop Management, Workstation Management.

2.1.There are 5 groups in the XYZ Company. Some of them are more closer to the project based working and some of them are more closer to the service based working in this company:
• Group A: %95 Project based, %5 Consultancy & Support based
• Group B: %30 Project based, %70 Consultancy & Support based
• Group C: %5 Project based, %95 Consultancy & Support based
• PMO Group: %100 Project based
• Internal IT: %50 Project based, %50 Consultancy & Support based

2.2.Work types  from financial perspective:
• Contract based works: That can be consist of project or/and support
• Time and Material based works: That can be consist of consultancy

2.3.Work types  from resource management perspective:
• Big Projects:  Consider more than one group. Long time projects. Managed by PMO group,
• Moderate Projects:  Consider only one group. Long or short time projects. Managed by  related group,
• Consultancy: All groups  have their consultants which are professional  in their fields,
• Support: ITIL based Request, Incident, Problem, Change Management,

•  A specialist or a consultant (namely resources) can carry out a project or support in a working period. I mean there isn’t any differentiation for working types on resources. All resources can do all type of works (project, support) in a working period if available.
• Consultancy type works are planned by consultants(resources) not by their resource managers(=functional managers)
• Projects are managed and planned by Project Managers.
• Operational resources cannot use time sheet application.
• In contract based works,  the support which serves to the project outcomes(assets) can be started at any time independent from project.  Additionally, the cash flow plan is created for the whole contract. There isn’t any separation between project and support in cash flow:
                                   <—————————- Time ————————–>
<beginning of contract><————Project————>
                                                       <—————-Support—————><end of contract>

• HP Service Manager Tool: ITIL based Request, Incident, Problem, Change Management
• HP Project & Portfolio Management Tool: Demand Mgt, Project Mgt, Resource Mgt, Time Mgt, Program Mgt, Portfolio Mgt
• SAP BW & SAP BO Tool: ETL, Reporting etc.
• SAP R/3: Customer invoices, expenditures, purchasing invoices are proceeding on there.

4.5. Manage all type of works, (ITIL processes, Projects)
4.6. Manage resources working on all type of works, (Resource Management)
4.7. Resources that are working on projects can use time sheet, (Time Management)
4.8. Report all financial values for contract not only project or support, (Financial Management)


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