webcast: IT Spending Forecast, 1Q10 Update



Gartner’s forecast for IT spending is updated each calendar quarter in March, June, September and December.  Quarterly Webinars present an overview of the forecast highlights covering:

  • Updated spending estimates for the Computing Hardware, Enterprise Software,  IT
  • Services and Telecommunications sectors
  • Key sector-specific assumptions behind the numbers
  • Current state of the IT industry
  • Latest trends in the global economy
  • Regional and Vertical Industry trends
  • The impact of technology adoption, penetration and migration

During this presentation, Gartner Analyst Richard Gordon and his team  will address the following issues:

  • How has the outlook for IT spending been affected by changes in the global and regional economic, business, industry and technology environments?
  • What is the outlook for growth in the Hardware, Software, IT Services and Telecommunications sectors?
  • What are the assumptions behind the latest IT spending forecast?

to listen to replay click here.


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