Top Priorities for CIOs – 2010


“…CIOs are going through … transformations. The computing systems they manage have long been seen as an essential resource but also an operating cost to be controlled. Now, technology is increasingly being recognized as a vital tool in corporate strategy –and CIOs are helping to wield it. Web sites, for example, have evolved at many companies from the equivalent of corporate brochures to huge direct-sales channels that must be skillfully designed and tightly managed.
According to recent CIO polls from research firm Gartner Inc., 50% of CIOs surveyed said they now have duties outside of core technology, such as helping to craft corporate strategy. That is up from about 20% three years ago, says Mark McDonald, a Gartner analyst.”

CIO Jobs Morph From Tech Support Into Strategy , The Wall Street Journal, Pui-Wing Tam, Feb 20 2007

“Turn a cost center into a corporate investment. In addition to the age-old wisdom of knowing the business and building relationships, McNamee points to something more specific. “As CIO, you are responsible for a significant spend in IT. If you can build a process for engaging the company in how most strategically to spend that money and how to bring a return on that investment, suddenly the discussion moves away from mainframes and infrastructure, and you become a leader in driving operational improvements,” he says. “If you build a successful governance process, you have just worked your way up to the point of controlling a corporate investment that drives business value and revenue.”

A New Role for CIOs, CIO Magazine, Martha Heller, August 04, 2008

“ This year, nearly one third—30 percent—of the 594 IT leaders we polled say meeting or beating business goals is a personal leadership competency critically needed by their organizations, up significantly from the 18 percent who said so last year. Eighteen percent also named “external customer focus” as a critical skill, double last year’s 9 percent. Double. Meanwhile, 22 percent cited “identifying and seizing on commercial opportunities”—more than triple last year’s 6 percent. Yes, triple. It’s clear the recession has deepened CIOs’ understanding of and commitment to business beyond IT. But now, we find in our 2010 State of the CIO survey, top technology executives increasingly see bringing home the bacon as their job, too.”

2010 State of the CIO: Today’s Focus for IT Departments -Business Opportunities , CIO Magazine, Kim S. Nash, Dec 17, 2009

cio-2010-agendaSource: Gartner Executive Programs: Leading in Times of Transition: The 2010 CIO Agenda, January 2010, page 5click on picture to see whole table
gsgirSource: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Researchclick on picture to see whole table


Sources: Intel, Microsoft,, Gartner, Goldman Sachs


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