The Future of Business: Looking Ahead to 2020



Earlier in the year, we featured a special newsletter predicting the technology and business trends for the rest of 2012. But wouldn’t it be much more interesting to know what our businesses could look like further into the future? In this week’s edition we’re looking ahead to 2020. Read our brand new blog with predictions for the shape of businesses, discover how decentralization might affect our future, and discover what technology innovations we have to look forward to in the next decade.

Trends: Shaping the Future
With the growth of technology innovation in businesses at an all-time high, can we expect a lull in the next decade? Recent research indicates this is far from the truth, with the business of 2020 bearing very little resemblance to that of today. In this blog post, David Mills looks at the factors that are changing businesses now and for the future. Read it now and let us know if you agree by commenting on the blog. Read more

Business: Impact of Decentralization
Future shifts in technology are set to be highly disruptive to businesses. After all, who knows what’s yet to come? In this report, business professionals and industry experts predict what the future could hold for businesses. Download the full report and discover the role that trends such as decentralization could have in 2020. Read more

Technology: Looking Ahead
As well as business trends such as decentralization, it seems obvious that certain technologies will shape the future of our businesses in the next decade. Just look at what social media and mobile devices have done for us in the past few years! In this technology outlook, experts predict the IT trends that could reach us by 2020, as well as potential global megatrends and innovations in different industries. Get it here now

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