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IT Spending 2010: The Gartner Perspective

As the most severe economic recession in generations gives way to growth, you need to help position your organization to take advantage of a recovering economy. Successful companies are anticipating and innovating rather than reacting and following. And IT investments must support the right initiatives. Gartner’s report Gartner Perspective: IT Spending 2010 will give you a comprehensive perspective on IT spending benchmarks, forecasts, budgeting and more.

The report gives insight into how to:

  • Analyze and interpret the global IT spending forecast
  • Leverage the 2010 outlook for Hardware, Software and Services
  • Break down IT spending trends by vertical industry
  • Utilize metrics for planning next year’s IT staffing levels

Info-Tech Research Group

IT Budget & Staffing Industry Report – Government

This report will help IT decision makers evaluate their operational priorities, budgets, and staffing relative to peer organizations. Nonetheless, readers must factor in the unique characteristics of their IT department and organization, which will impact the appropriateness of these findings to their specific situation.

Computer Economics

IT Spending and Staffing Benchmark

The Computer Economics IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study (the “ISS”), published annually since 1990, is the definitive source for IT spending and staffing benchmarks and IT performance statistics across multiple industries and government sectors. This Executive Summary (Chapter 1), which includes a detailed analysis of the major findings of this year’s report. It also includes several important IT spending and staffing ratios, including:

  • Percentage of organizations increasing or decreasing their IT operational budgets
  • Median annual IT spending growth for the past six years
  • How IT executives expect actual IT spending to compare to budget this year
  • Median IT spending as a percent of revenue for the past six years
  • Median IT budget growth this year by industry sector
  • IT operational budget per user for the past four years
  • Median annual growth in IT capital budgets for the past four years
  • The top spending priorities for IT executives this year
  • Percentage of organizations increasing and decreasing IT staff headcount

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