IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks 2012/2013



IT Ratios and IT Cost/Budget Metrics by Industry Sector and Organization Size

Developing, presenting, benchmarking, and defending information technology spending or IT employee staffing levels can be a difficult exercise. Our IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study makes the job easier for you by providing hundreds of useful ratios, statistics, and other IT cost metrics for IT/IS budgeting and IT employee headcount analysis.

We provide IT spending and staffing metrics by industry sector and organization size for businesses and governmental organizations in North America, based on our annual in-depth survey of over 200 IT executives, now in its 23nd year.

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For CIOs and consulting firms, this 25-chapter study provides current metrics and unbiased data for you to benchmark your total IT spending and staffing levels. This study will allow you to:

  • Benchmark your IT operational spending levels by comparing them with those of organizations of similar size and industry sector. Over 40 specific IT cost management ratios and other IT support metrics are provided, allowing IT executives to highlight opportunities to reduce IT costs and optimize IT expenses.
  • Measure your IT capital budget spend levels. Over 10 specific IT capital spending metrics are provided for benchmarking IT investment levels.
  • Analyze your IT staffing levels. Over 20 specific IT headcount ratios are provided for benchmarking IT staff counts.
  • Evaluate your IT key performance indicators. Compare your IT intensity and infrastructure metrics with your peers, using measures such as new initiative spending, custom/commercial software mix, virtualization ratio, users per server, data center OS mix, and other KPIs.

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