IT budgeting in 2015


Deloitte, Gartner, Spiceworks, Tech Pro Research… What the surveys tell us

In recent years the CIO’s typical remit has evolved from managing in-house IT infrastructure and traditional client-server business applications to overseeing extended enterprises encompassing the cloud, mobile devices and wide-area networks. At the same time, organisations are accessing and analysing an increasing amount and variety of data — from sources like websites, social media networks and, increasingly, the Internet of Things.

In an ideal world, this process should see IT departments gradually transform themselves from cap-ex-heavy cost centres to op-ex-driven profit centres, as core business operations become more efficient and new technologies deliver opportunities for business innovation.

But how are CIOs actually responding to these trends? Are they forging the kinds of relationships with CEOs and the board, and with new IT-related CxO colleagues (such as chief data officer, or chief information security officer), that will allow them not only to keep businesses up and running, but also to drive them forwards? And in particular, are their budgets and budgeting processes keeping pace with such ‘business-leader’ ambitions in a global economy that’s still shaking off the effects of the 2008-2009 recession?

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