Governance and Management: Further Perspective


The last Infonomics Letter (July 2011) was mostly focused on the Exposure Draft of the COBIT 5 framework developed by ISACA. I presented then, and persist with, the view that the draft of COBIT 5 has serious problems in its presentation of the related but separate concepts of governance and management, and that rather than clarifying matters, it adds considerably to the confusion. I also had the temerity to suggest that while COBIT 5 claims to be aligned to ISO 38500, it fails by confusing governance and management, by incorrectly describing the core governance tasks of evaluate, direct and monitor, and by not referencing the principles, without which ISO 38500 would be of little use….  to read whole story please click here.

from The Infonomics Letter Sept.2011
by Mark Toomey


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