Deploying and Managing Large Scale Process Excellence Programs


Process professionals know that if you optimize just one part of your organization, you’re only still as good as your weakest link. If you really want to improve the overall performance of your business you need to improve processes end to end. However, you soon realize that this involves making changes in every part of your organization – not an easy undertaking!

Portuguese banking giant Banco Espirito Santo has widely been recognized as one of the most mature and advanced Process Excellence efforts in Financial Services, delivering outstanding top and bottom line benefits. The company has achieved dramatic results by tackling some of its most complex processes first and creating a flexible framework that enables business users to identify and automate simple processes.

In this webinar join the bank’s Program Manager and BPM experts for an insider’s perspective on what it took get the program up and running, lessons learned, and the keys to sustaining the results:

  • Understand the importance of – and the risks involved – in tackling your complex processes from an end to end perspective
  • Learn the critical success factors for making the transition from localized projects to company-wide process excellence programs
  • Discover the some of the important steps to gaining and keeping executive sponsorship
  • Hear how Portuguese banking giant BES created a flexible framework that enables business users to quickly adapt to changes in the external business environment

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