COBIT 5 Is Coming—Available in April 2012


The wait is nearly over: COBIT® 5 will be released in April 2012! COBIT 5 helps enterprises create optimal value from information and technology IT assets by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits and optimizing risk levels and resource use. COBIT 5 is a major strategic advancement, providing the next generation of guidance on the governance and management of enterprise IT.

Chief executives more than ever need to achieve an aggressive return on investment (ROI) as it pertains to information systems. In addition, these same C-level executives are charged with ensuring that technological infrastructure maintains the agility needed to support business growth. COBIT 5 is a comprehensive framework enabling improved ROI from information systems, maintaining the level of support and service for which ISACA is known.

COBIT 5 provides five principles and seven enablers for the governance and management of enterprise IT assets.

The April 2012 launch includes the following three publications:

■ COBIT 5 (the framework itself)
■ COBIT® 5: Enabling Processes (expanded guidance on the COBIT 5 processes, including a process reference model)
■ COBIT® 5 Implementation (implementation guidance for COBIT 5)

COBIT 5 is designed to work with all major IT frameworks and standards such as ITIL and ISO. As such, COBIT 5 not only supports compliance with relevant laws, regulations and policies but also dovetails seamlessly with any framework approaches that the organization already has in place.

Visit the COBIT 5 page of the ISACA web site to find out how COBIT 5 can be a resource for your organization


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