COBIT 5 for Risk



Risk to your Enterprise can come from Inside and Out.

  • 1+ Per Week Average employee-related fraud incidents in past 12 months
  • >1 in 2 Share of auditors with no plans to include social media risk in audits
  • 20 Kinds of risk scenarios addressed in COBIT 5 for Risk

COBIT 5 for Risk applies ISACA®’s globally accepted COBIT® 5 management and governance framework to managing IT Risk. COBIT 5 for Risk will help business leaders more effectively identify, discuss and manage IT risk and align it with strategic enterprise objectives.

Better manage enterprise risk with:

  • Guidance on how to approach risk aggregation across the enterprise
  • Examples of how COBIT 5 enablers can be used to respond to risk scenarios that span your enterprise
  • A flexible framework that supports better business performance by linking information and technology risk

Download COBIT 5 for Risk.


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