3 Trends Redefining Processes in a Digital Age

pexweekeuropereport1Approaches to process excellence have spread to virtually all industries under the banner of different methodologies – Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control.

Regardless of what it is called the fundamental purpose of Process Excellence remains the same: it is about systematically improving the way work gets done in our organizations. Information technology has increasingly played a role, automating repetitive processes, reducing human error, and enabling entirely new ways of working. Traditional methods to process excellence remain relevant to confront the challenges of the twenty-first century. But with the rise of IT and the increasing competitive and market pressures upon businesses, how does process excellence need to adapt? Download this report, based on a survey of over 900 process professionals and subsequent telephone interviews with selected individuals, for an insight into:

  • 3 trends redefining process excellence in the digital age
  • The drivers for process change
  • Why more agile processes are needed to meet customers requirements
  • The increasing importance of Process Excellence to meet business objectives
  • The data challenges at the heart of Process Excellence

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Resource: PEX (Process Excellence Network)


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