2013 IT Cost Optimization: Strategy, Best Practices and Risks



Date: 05 September 2012  Time: 8:00 AM EDT  |  11:00 AM EDT

Discussion Topics

  • Proven practices for optimizing IT spend
  • Higher maturity management practices necessary to cut cost the “right” way
  • How to mitigate the risks of traditional IT cost optimization practices

Over the past several years, IT leaders have delivered significant benefits from productivity improvement and budget reduction, while simultaneously delivering on enterprise goals for innovation and transformation; however, the work is not done and general budget pressures and austerity continues. Many IT leaders in 2013 will be required yet again to answer the bell and deliver more savings and more productivity. The traditional tactics for cutting costs and reducing budgets will cease to be effective; IT leaders will have to expand their toolbox to include new methods and higher maturity management practices if they are to be successful.

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