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2010 IT Cost Cutting: Emergency Strategies and How to Cut More

There are times when IT organizations are forced to quickly make substantial cuts in their budget and even exceed the aggressive goals of last year. Cutting 10 percent or more of the budget in fewer than six months, for example, may require what Gartner calls “emergency” cost cutting techniques. Even after emergency measures, IT leaders will be called upon to cut more in the next fiscal year. This Webinar will explore how and when to use emergency cost cutting effectively and how to cut more if austerity continues.
Topics Discussed

  • What are the most effective emergency cost cutting techniques and what are the risks?
  • What are some unconventional practices for cutting IT costs and how are other enterprises pursuing these?
  • How will IT cost cutting in 2010 differ from that of 2009 and how can IT leaders do this efficiently and effectively?

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How to Significantly Reduce IT Infrastructure and Operations Costs

IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) is typically 60 percent or more of the total enterprise IT budget. Although CIO’s and I&O leaders have made significant progress to reduce costs here, intense budget pressures continue. Fortunately, Gartner has identified ten key areas to focus efforts to further reduce cost structure. For most, full implementation of these ideas can reduce I&O costs about 10% over twelve months – and 25% or more within three years. Join Gartner VP Jay Pultz on this webinar to learn more!

Topics Discussed

  • Where are the major opportunities to lower/contain I&O costs?
  • How should I&O leader’s best prioritize and select cost-reduction opportunities?
  • What best practices should I&O leaders adopt to lower/contain costs near-term?

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